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How Orgs can use Merits

Manage Your Membership

Does your Org have members it needs to keep track of? By sending a “Member” Merit to each of the members in your Org you are able to:

  • Maintain a roster of Members
  • Send members messages, photos, videos, and docs
  • Know who is active, expired, or expiring soon
  • Use Check-in tools
  • Take discpiplinary action (Suspend or Revoke)
  • Stay connected after membership ends

Issue Licenses

Does your Org award people licenses or certifications? You can supplement your current licensing system by using Merits to provide a digital version of the license or certification. License and ceritification Merits are:

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Expireable and be renewable
  • Suspendable and revokable
  • Verifiable in seconds
  • Trusted and secure

Certifications and Awards

Does your Org give out certificates or awards? When it comes to recognizing an individual's accomplishments, Merits can be used as a form of digital trophy or certificate. Unlike a physical object though, your Merits are:

  • Impossible misplace or lose
  • Shareable to social media
  • Connected to your Sigma Org Page
  • Publicly displayable

Event Memories

Does your Org offer an experience? Whether it's completing an activity or simply being at an event, a Merit is a great way to provide a token of that memory. Event Merits:

  • Capture an experience
  • Last forever
  • Keep people connected to your Org

Endless Possibilities

The only limit to the purpose of a Merit is imagination. Merits are so versatile that we bet every Org has reason to send Merits.